What’s that inkblot doing in my blog?

Posted on: November 3, 2010

Gotta give it to the Japanese for being more than a few steps ahead of us in developing a multitude of uses for the mobile phone that go well beyond simply… talk.

They were one of the first to widely adopt short messaging (“SMS” or “texting” here in the U.S.) and more recently they’ve introduced us to the wonderful world of QR codes — created by Toyota subsidiary Denso-Wave in 1994, and designed to allow the contents to be decoded at high speed — for bringing greater efficiencies to manufacturing processes.

And, now the marketers have gotten hold of them.

Afterall, what could be simpler than pointing your reader-enabled phone at a code (get your reader here), snapping a photo of it in all it’s 2-D glory, and then seeing where it leads?

Retail: How about a wine store where one can learn all about the provenance of a wine on the shelf that’s been tagged with a code?

Brand Advertising: Maybe try a “billboard video” that Calvin Klein would like us to enjoy in the privacy of our phones

or my personal favorite —

Financial Services: If you are lucky enough to live in Denver (or travel through DEN, as I recently did) where else but a local bank’s website

would you visit to download a copy of Moby Dick or Treasure Island? Brilliant.

Google likes QR Codes and I must concur. My bet is that they’re going big.

Drop me a line

or give me a call

and let me know if you agree.


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  • Chris Cushing: Nice list. Although the most annoying for me is the new corporate catch phrase "bandwidth." Ooh, Makes me shrug everytime I hear it in a meeting.
  • Maile: Sweet write, great site layout, continue the great work
  • Nate: I have DISH Network and a Sling adapter connected to my receiver and I was surprised to see how many devices that this work on with DISH. I know Comca
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