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Greetings from Park City, Utah, where the scenery is splendid and the mercury is stuck at the bottom of the glass tube: -9 degrees F at time of writing. Yes, that’s 9 below zero.

And why, exactly, have I chosen to spend a post-Christmas week in a place of such  mind-numbing cold? For the skiing, of course.

I’ve been quite fortunate to have spent the last 5 days on the slopes — with 1 more to go — and I’m making significant improvement in my somewhat unorthodox form as I make my way down the mountain.

Being away from the office and all things work-related for the past week has given me time to develop a bit of perspective. And the physical challenge of navigating moguls and deep powder while bombing down a mountainside has helped bring that perspective into fine focus.

It’s certainly not a revolutionary thought, nor particularly insightful, but whether it’s running a business, creating a marketing plan, or writing a blog post, the more you do it, the better you become.

So, today, when WordPress posted it’s 2011 Post Every Day challenge, I decided that this is my resolution for the brand new year: I will endeavor to post to my blog at least once per week (a new post every day being a bit overly ambitious for me) about something that is relevant, interesting and timely.

After all, the only way to be a better writer is to continually practice writing — even if it’s not necessarily the quickest way to get to Carnegie Hall.

Happy 2011! Wishing you a year of perfection — in whatever you practice.

For me, the challenge is on.



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  • Chris Cushing: Nice list. Although the most annoying for me is the new corporate catch phrase "bandwidth." Ooh, Makes me shrug everytime I hear it in a meeting.
  • Maile: Sweet write, great site layout, continue the great work
  • Nate: I have DISH Network and a Sling adapter connected to my receiver and I was surprised to see how many devices that this work on with DISH. I know Comca