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It’s now been a full week since team Wilson RMS has been back from our much-deserved holiday break, so before much time passes, I thought it’d be helpful (and maybe a little fun) to take stock of all that we did last year and think about what it means for this brand-new 2011 now upon us.

We learned quite a few new things. We also re-learned some lessons, as well.
Herewith, in no particular order — and one-day-at-a time — are the highlights of our agency experience from the year gone-by…

1. Mobile matters. Big time.
There isn’t much news in this, as anyone who walked a busy city street, boarded a plane or drove in traffic last year could tell you: every single one of us seems surgically attached to our phones — and many of us can’t seem to ever pull ourselves away from them long enough to navigate where we’re going and see that there are, in  fact, other people in the world. (Yours truly, guilty as charged).

But, what fascinates me is the continuing torrid pace of growth in the mobile market — I mean, doesn’t everyone have a darn mobile phone already?

Well, Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker predicts that as early as 2012, annual global sales of smartphones (est.> 450MM) will outpace combined sales  of netbook and desktop PCs — our traditional means for accessing the Web.

(See her full presentation here.)

And, at home, despite RIM’s early lead with the BlackBerry and the introduction of Apple’s game-changing iPhone, new players are heating up the market with even more whizzbang to keep us completely distracted at all times.

Just this week, comScore reported that Android phones now outnumber iPhones and they’re gaining quickly on BlackBerry.

Image credit: Flickr/ Quinn Dombrowski

What it Means: For consumers, the location-based, immediate gratification of web and app access on our mobile devices gives us a dizzying array of options for finding information, entertainment, connection and commerce. And as the wireless networks become even faster (hello 4G!), we’ll engage with ever-more sophisticated technology that will provide experiences we can’t even conceive of today.

For marketers, this shift in the manner and the frequency with which prospects and customers access the Web requires us to focus on the quality of our message as never before. Since the instantaneous delivery, consumption and dispatch of those messages provides no more than a millisecond for us to grab and hold an audience’s attention, the assertion that content is king could not be more spot on.

Next up: Twitter and Facebook — more than just a good way to diddle away time at the office



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  • Nate: I have DISH Network and a Sling adapter connected to my receiver and I was surprised to see how many devices that this work on with DISH. I know Comca