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It must have been a bit tough-going last week in the offices of Google:

Wowsa. Not a fun week at all.

Or was it?

After all, the  “world’s most valuable brand” moniker belonged to Google for four years before Apple took it on — and being the reigning #1 for four years is no small feat —  particularly considering the hyper-competitive crowd Google runs with.

With the Microsoft deal, it seems that what’s got the attention of the folks in Redmond is not just what Apple has done with the iPhone, but that Google’s Android now outsells all other mobile operating systems — combined.
Oh, and investors hate, hate, hate the deal.

As for Facebook’s attempt at mud-slinging, since both companies are under fire from privacy campaigners for the amount of personal data they collect and retain online, it’s hardly surprising that there’d be a bit of dirty fighting when one considers the stakes in this battle of the behemoths for user traffic and ad dollars.

Finally, regarding the DOJ settlement — well, it’s just plain ugly and it’s probably best to just admit that and move on.

All that said, there was particular reason for the captains of search to smile last week.  And, plenty of reason for Netflix to be nervous.

On Monday,  YouTube head, Salar Kamangar,  posted on the YouTube blog “Welcome to the future of video. Please stay a while” thereby making it official that YouTube has entered the iVOD business (interactive video on demand) with YouTube Movies.

According to YouTube, we’re already “spending 15 minutes a day on YouTube and spending five hours a day watching TV.” Launching with over 6000 titles including full-length feature films from major Hollywood studios, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros, they’re clearly making a move to change that equation.

And a smart move it is.

With an average of 137M people making 1.4M visits per month (U.S.), YouTube is already a beast. Adding full-length feature films available for rent on demand, on any device and any operating system makes them unstoppable.

Entertainment wherever, whenever and however we want it  —  isn’t that what the world wide web is for?


Over the weekend, as I was contemplating what to include in today’s post (#2 in the series, 10 lessons from ’10), I opened an e-mail from Digital Buzz Blog — which is an excellent source of news and commentary about all things digital — and in a moment of pure serendipity, there was this beautifully illustrated infographic comparing the ways social media are being used by big business. I love stats — and these are really interesting:

Of the Fortune Global 1000 —

  • 33% have a corporate blog
  • 50% have a YouTube channel
  • 54% have a Facebook fan page
  • 65% have a Twitter account

If you’ve read any of my early posts, you know that I was a skeptic about the whole social media thing for some time — until we started using them ourselves.

Much like our colleagues at the businesses with the behemoth brands, we’re tweeting and Facebooking because that’s where the people are. We all know this, but the user stats of these two social media giants are something to behold. Check out the comparisons in this infographic from Digital Surgeons:


  • 500MM users
  • 30% are in the US
  • 12% update their status everyday
  • 40% follow a brand
  • 51% of brand followers will purchase that specific brand


  • 106MM users
  • 40% are in the US
  • 52% update their status everyday
  • 25% follow a brand
  • 67% of brand followers will purchase that specific brand

With numbers like these, it’s impossible to stay on the sidelines while everyone else is out having all the fun.

So, here’s my Wilson RMS forecast for 2011 — when it comes to using social media to create awareness and to generate highly-sought buzz, we’re just getting started — because the party’s only just begun.

Next up: Direct mail is alive and well and happy to be invited to the party.


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  • Nate: I have DISH Network and a Sling adapter connected to my receiver and I was surprised to see how many devices that this work on with DISH. I know Comca